Rao 1994 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Awarde

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Professor Rao

1994 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award

The IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award is a Technical Field Award of the Institute established by the Board of Directors in 1990 to honor teachers of electrical and electronics engineering and related disciplines, "for inspirational teaching of undergraduate students." Selection criteria include such contributions as curriculum development, authorship of course materials, involvement with students and faculty in advisory capacities, as well as "attracting students to engineering and scientific professions, and preparing them for effective careers in engineering and the sciences." The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate and a check.

Professor Rao received the award in 1994 with the citation, "For inspirational teaching of undergraduate students and the development of innovative instructional materials for teaching courses in electromagnetics." The award was presented to him by the 1990 IEEE President, Carleton Bayless, on June 22, 1994, at the Awards Luncheon of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium held on the campus of Professor Rao's alma mater, the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.