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MEFware: Teaching and Learning Fundamentals of Electromagnetics (FEM), using the Maxwell's Equations First (MEF) Approach

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Professional Career

Professional Career Power Point Presentation (until 2000)



International Activities

1965 UIUC Offer Letter

Awards and Honors

1983 TANA Award

1986 University of Indonesia Plaque

1987 Everitt Award

1989 Election to IEEE Fellow

1989 UIUC Campus Teaching Award and Oakley Award

1990 U. of I. Minute Broadcast

1991 Halliburton Award

1991 AT&T Foundation Award

1993 ASEE Centennial Certificate

1994 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award

1998 Boss of the Year Award and 1999 speech

1999 Bandung Institute of Technology Recognition

1999 TANA Award

2001 Space Science and Remote Sensing Group Recognition

2001 ECE ABET Success Plaque

2003 Edward C. Jordan Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering

2006 Distinguished AMRITA Professorship in Engineering

2007 ECE Retirement Plaque

I was born in Kakumanu, Andhra Pradesh (AP), India
I live in Urbana, Illinois, United States of America
I am proud to be a Telugu American
Sitting in Everitt Laboratory, University of Illinois

at Urbana-Champaign,

Home of the ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Facing the pictures of Jordan and Everitt
Enjoying every minute of the time
And here are some secrets of mine.


EE (Electrical Engineering)


EE (Engineering Education)


EE (Excellence in Education)


EE (Electromagnetics Education)


Favorite Administrator:

 The Late Edward C. Jordan

Favorite Award:

1998 Boss of the Year Award

Favorite Book:

Electromagnetic Energy Transmission and Radiation, by Adler, Chu, and Fano

Favorite Building:

Everitt Laboratory

Favorite City:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Favorite Colors:

Orange and Blue

Favorite Educator:

The Late William L. Everitt

Favorite Equations:

Maxwell's Equations

Favorite Job Held:

Associate Head, ECE Department (1987-2006)

Favorite Letter:

1965 Offer Letter from E.C. Jordan

Favorite Laws:

Faraday's Law

Ampere's Circuital Law

Gauss' Law for the Electric Field

Gauss' Law for the Magnetic Field

Favorite Logo:

Ganesha Logo of Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

Favorite Lyrics:

Ma Telugu Talliki Malle Pudanda
Ma Kanna Talliki Magalaratulu

Favorite Meal:

Breakfast at 5:00 a.m.

Favorite Principles:

Matrudevo Bhava

Pitrudevo Bhava

Acharyadevo Bhava

Atidhidevo Bhava

Favorite Sculpture:

Arjuna Wijaya Statue at Monas Square, Jakarta

Favorite Song:

Adivo Alladivo Sreehari Vasamu

Favorite Speech:

1999 Boss of the Year Award Luncheon Speech

Favorite Spots:

Heavenly Bali and Kauai

Favorite TV Show:

Wheel of Fortune