Our papers at GLSVLSI 2013: Lingyi Liu's paper "Scaling RTL Property Checking Using Feasible Path Analysis and Decomposition" is on property decomposition using antecedent pruning and "Generating Concise Assertions with Complete Coverage" is on SAT solver based static assertion generation.

New students join the lab: Welcome Vinit Shah, Sai Ma, Debjit Pal and Miguel De Dios to our lab!

Vasudevan general chair of IWLS 2013

GoldMine at ICCAD 2012: Our word level assertion generator

Feb 2012: Adel and Jayanand get papers accepted in DAC. Adel's is on analog verification and Jayanand's on RTL detection of ageing (NBTI) symptoms.

Feb 2012: Jayanand finishes his defense! Congrats Dr. Asok Kumar!

Sep 2011: Lingyi gets a paper in IEEE TCAD on using GoldMine for achieving Test Coverage Closure

July 2011: Viraj and Parth get a paper into ASE 2011. The paper is on inferring invariants for software programs.

July 2011: Jayanand and Lingyi get a paper into FMCAD 2011. Congrats! The paper presents a scalable approach to probabilistic timing verification using value based interval abstractions.

June 2011: Jayanand gets a silver medal in the competitive ACM student research competition (SRC)@DAC. The research has been recognized across all the EDA areas. He presented a paper on NBTI awareness at RT-level using static analysis techniques. Congrats Jayanand!

June 2011: Shobha gives invited lectures at UCI and UCSD.

May 2011: Lingyi gets a paper on system level assertion generation into MEMOCODE 2011 Look out for it.

May 2011: Shobha gets YWCA award for leadership in science.

March 2011: Shobha presents GoldMine at DVCon 2011 . Great response from industry users!

Feb 2011: Shobha gives a talk at Virginia Tech.

Jan 2011: Faster, Higher, Stronger GoldMine implemented, debugged and tested in C++. Sam Hertz is the student who has ported it from Java to C++. Available for research use. Email us.

Dec 2010: Jayanand finishes his PhD preliminary exam. Congrats Jayanand!

Nov 2010: Coverage closure using GoldMine accepted in DATE 2011! This paper solves a very important problem. Dave Sheridan and Lingyi are the students on the paper.

Nov 2010: Lingyi's HYBRO work is accepted in DATE 2011

Nov 2010: Shobha gives an ITC 2010 elevator session pitch on GoldMine

Sep 2010: Jayanand gets the paper on SHARPE into VLSI Design 2011

Sep 2010: Shobha gets a research grant from Qualcomm Inc. Collaboration on FPGA synthesizable assertions through GoldMine

Sep 2010: STAR can be downloaded from Lingyi's website.

Sep 2010: GoldMine can be downloaded from Dave's website now!

Sep 2010: Shobha gets an NSF grant for validation techniques for smart power grids

Aug 2010: Parth Sagdeo joins the group for a MS/PhD. Welcome Parth!

May 2010: Lingyi is selected for DAC 2010 student research competition to present HYBRO

May 2010: Jayanand receives student travel grant for DSN 2010

May 2010: Jayanand gets a paper into QEST.

May 2010: Viraj and Jayanand get a paper into MWSCAS.
Jan 2010: Shobha wins NSF EARLY CAREER AWARD for GoldMine. Press article here.