Rao 1990 U. of I. Minute Broadcast

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Professor Rao

1990 U. of I. Minute Broadcast

It is customary for the university to publicize an achievement of academic significance, during a public event, such as the half time of a football game. The following is the text of the message on Professor Rao's teaching accomplishments, broadcast in 1990.

From India to Illinois, the name of Professor Rao means a great deal to students and instructors of electrical engineering. Since 1965, N. Narayana Rao has been making one of the most difficult subjects at the University of Illinois understandable and exciting for undergraduates. In a time when professors are known for their research and not for their teaching, Professor Rao takes on extra work so he can reach more students in the classroom. He also tends personal help during his office hours.

N. N. Rao has authored three textbooks on electromagnetics, the latest is being used in more than 20 universities --- And he's been among the first to use computers to teach electromagnetics. His software program allows students to augment his lectures by using their personal computers.

Students say he is dedicated, innovative, caring. That's why he was awarded the university's highest honor for undergraduate teaching.

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