Rao 1991 Halliburton Award

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Professor Rao

1991 Halliburton Award

The Halliburton Engineering Education Leadership Award was established in 1977-78 through contribution to the College of Engineering by the Halliburton Education Foundation, Inc. It consists of a cash award given to engineering faculty members who demonstrate leadership in engineering education. Superior teaching that serves as a model of what to teach and how to teach; effective leadership in departmental and college faculty groups that establish curricular and educational goals; outstanding service in college activities that provide and develop future educational directions; effective commitment to development of students and younger staff members; and national contributions to education are the forms of leadership that are recognized. Professor Rao received the award in 1991. It consists of a certificate and check. The narrative at the time of presentation of the award on April 19, 1991, is as follows.

N. Narayana Rao, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has made significant contributions to engineering education through his excellence in teaching, publication of modern textbooks, and development of innovative instructional software. He is consistently listed among the Teachers Rated as Excellent and has received the Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence and the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Even though he teaches one of the most difficult core courses in the curriculum, one on electromagnetics, he is among the most popular lecturers in the department. He has published two textbooks in electromagnetics, one of which is in its third edition and has been adopted by some 24 universities. He is an innovator in the use of personal computers to teach electromagnetics and has developed interactive software to enhance the learning of basic concepts. He has pioneered changes in the curriculum at UIUC and, internationally, participated in a World Bank project for institutional development at University of Indonesia, Jakarta. He excels at motivating students in the classroom, at counseling of both graduate and undergraduate students, and through his contributions to engineering education.