Rao 1987 Everitt Award

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Professor Rao

1987 Everitt Award

In 1968, undergraduate engineering students established the Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence to honor Dean Emeritus William L. Everitt at the time of his retirement. The award, which annually recognizes two or more engineering faculty members for their outstanding undergraduate teaching, is one of the most coveted awards available to the faculty and serves to emphasize the importance of good teaching in the College of Engineering. It consists of a plaque depicting Dean Everitt and a check. Professor Rao received the award in 1987. The narrative at the time of presentation of the award on April 24, 1987, is as follows.

N. Narayana Rao, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, makes the difficult concepts in the field of electromagnetics not only comprehensible but interesting to students. A colleague says of him, "He spends endless hours perfecting his notes. He treats each question raised by the student as a legitimate inquiry and answers it with patience and care." His lecture sections are popular with students, who appreciate his organization, clarity, and humor in presenting the material. As one of the students commented, "Professor Rao is not only providing instruction to his students but also education."